Employment Law

As a general rule, Tribunals do not make an Order providing for the Winning Party to recover his/her costs of the proceedings from the Losing Party.  Obtaining clear expert advice on the merits of making or resisting a Tribunal Claim and the likely level of any compensation is therefore a financial imperative.  If proceedings are issued, a proven strategy for negotiation and the conduct of litigation can greatly improve the prospects of a favourable outcome.  Briefing Counsel “late in the game” may prove to be a false economy.


My specialist  interests

  • Internal grievance procedures
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Professional conduct issues
  • Constructive dismissal and unfair dismissals
  • Unlawful discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religious belief and political opinion
  • Equal pay claims
  • Executive contracts and wrongful dismissal
  • Restraint of trade covenants and confidential information



A constructive dismissal claim

Elizabeth Blair v The Chief Constable of PSNI [02819/04IT]

I appeared for The Claimant who resigned from her employment and had her claim for Constructive Dismissal upheld receiving a Maximum Award.