Upon receipt of full written instructions I will carefully read and consider the Papers, research the relevant Domestic and European law and provide a precise legal Opinion in writing on the merits of legal proceedings and the likely outcome.  In Financial Provision cases, this will include an objective assessment of (i) the structure of the Relief. For example, on-going spousal maintenance versus a Clean-Break Pension set-off versus Pension Sharing, the transfer of the matrimonial home versus a Mesher Order and (ii) the amount of any monetary award whether by way of spousal maintenance and/or Lump Sum.

In Children’s cases it will include a clear indication of the likely frequency and duration of Contact, the merits of any application for Residence and the structure of any Shared Residence Order.  In Public Law cases, it will contain a critical analysis of the Trust’s application for a Care Order and/or a freeing for Adoption order.

In Employment/Discrimination claims it will contain a careful examination of the reciprocal rights and duties of the Employer and Employee and all procedural requirements and failings.  Where appropriate it will contain a Cost/Benefit analysis and a recommendation as to the cost effective figure for settlement.

A written Opinion should provide real value by informing and guiding you in the future conduct of negotiation and litigation.